Capital Campaign


The Campaign

The Friends of the BCPA, on the behalf of the City of Bloomington, are embarking on a capital campaign to transform a former medical building into a fully accessible, modern Creativity Center that will serve the greater Bloomington-Normal community.

To fulfill the vision for the Creativity Center, we ask you to join us in The Bloomington Creativity Center Capital Campaign to build a space for people of all ages dedicated to the arts that will enable our community to flourish and educate the next generation on the importance of art in every form.

All of the campaign's objectives are directed toward a single vision:

Fostering arts education and outreach while celebrating diversity, innovation, and collaboration.

The Vision

To renovate, modernize and equip the current Creativity Center located directly across the street from the BCPA. The center will act as an extension of the BCPA, focusing on arts education, outreach and creativity while fostering inclusion and collaboration for underserved communities.


The building will showcase: 
  • a black box theater

  • music rooms

  • a dance studio

  • a recording studio

  • office space for local artists and organizations

  • space to showcase local artwork and events



The Creativity Center will provide an affordable, professional and accessible performance space supporting all art forms for people of all ages while partnering with local schools and colleges to facilitate students in field trips, workshops and performance events.


Local artists will have a home at the Creativity Center to create, collaborate and expand their abilities.

The Impact

The Bloomington Creativity Center will 

  • Help foster critical thinking and innovation

  • Expand arts education and opportunities for all of our communities

  • Provide space for local artists to grow and collaborate

  • Serve as a strategic resource for our community

The arts promote true prosperity

Art as culture has existed for as long as humans, fostering goodness and beauty. The intrinsic value of art and culture is how they illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world.

The arts have a social impact

Research shows that high a concentration of arts in a city leads to higher civic engagement, more social cohesion, higher child welfare and lower rates of crime and poverty.