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 Tuesday's Showcased Artists

Dreams 2 Create Website | Facebook   LizBeth Ogiela-Scheck is an artist who paints in oil and plays with pen, brush & ink. She occasionally ventures into clay, other sculptures. Her works are styled in the abstract, non objective, and Expressionistic styles. She composes from her experiences, her dreams and visions as the subjects for her works. She has a love of bold, vibrant colors and strong contrasts. Sometimes the art is the ACT of creating the painting. LizBeth creates in order to visually express what and how she feels, thinks, and sees from an internal view. Her work can be viewed primarily in person at her studio/gallery in Bloomington, IL. She welcomes you to come visit her there or your regular visit here is much welcome as well. In addition to her artwork, LizBeth is the mother of three. She volunteers in the arts community as co-chair of Art Circle of Bloomington-Normal and a board member of the Area Arts Round Table and is a supporter of committed young artists. It is through this work that she helps bring creation and arts to the community at large.

"I create artwork in oil, ink, and acrylic that reflect my vision of the internal world interacting with the external. My paintings are meant to be felt with the eyes, seen with the heart, and touched by the soul. These paintings often are meditations on nature and spiritual reflections interpreted through vibrant, high contrasting, colors and organic shapes in order to evoke a reaction and internal dialog."- LizBeth






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"I have been a part of Bloomington/Normal for about twenty years. I love living here. There is always something fun to do or take part in. Many of my creative journeys have begun through my church at Trinity Lutheran. At home we enjoy music and spend many evenings doing karaoke. Although it’s only the three of us in our house, we have a large extended family through church, homeschool, art and civic engagement.

I create artwork in oil, ink, and acrylic that reflect my vision of the internal world interacting with the external. My paintings are meant to be felt with the eyes, seen with the heart, and touched by the soul. These paintings often are meditations on nature and spiritual reflections interpreted through vibrant, high contrasting, colors and organic shapes in order to evoke a reaction and internal dialog." - Liz McGinn


Joann has spent many years teaching music and also the study of visual arts. She is now a full time artist with a studio in downtown Bloomington. She works with shaped wood paintings with acrylic and oil, on canvas, and on metal. To learn more about Joann and her studio, go to her site: or her facebook: Joann Goetzinger Studio and Gallery.

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"I started my photography business to show others a view into my creative mind, and I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams into uncharted territory to achieve what can be possible if you just take the leap.  I took the leap and I never knew what was on the other end, and I am so proud of where I am and who I have become.  I want to inspire as many minds as possible to see that there is beauty in the smallest things in this world that everyone may walk past.  It is the eye of an artist that can capture the smallest of things.

Creativity is always needed, not just in Bloomington-Normal, but in everywhere. It is a form of self expression, that sometimes is never shown due to fear of judgement or criticism. We as artists need to be the example that expressing emotions through art is the most beautiful thing an individual can create since it comes from your mind, creativity and soul."- Jacalyn



Monday's Showcased Artists


Anisha is a Junior at Normal Community High School. She's a member of the Student Council, FBLA, and Key club. Art has been part and parcel of her life for the past 13 years. She painted a traffic utility box at the intersection of Jefferson and Main street in the year 2017. "The Girls world expo" organization awarded her as "The Girl of Merit" for the year 2018 for her contribution to the community through art. Anisha showcases her artwork twice every year in the "Community Cancer Center" through the "Art circle of Bloomington."

Also, she participates in the art fair held by IOAA every year. In the year 2016, she happened to visit a visually challenged school in India, and she was moved by looking at the plight of the children to an extent where she yearned to aid them in any minuscule way possible. She sold her artwork for a local restaurant and earned $1000, which she contributed to the school. The principal and the children of the school aspire to have one of Anisha's artwork done in Braille, to showcase at their school. She's in the process of learning Braille to fulfill their wish!

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"I sign my work D. Ella which is my furst initial and middle name. I am a mixed media artist and I love learning and trying new things. The two mediums I work in primarily are watercolors and acrylics. I enjoy teaching Art as well. I am a member of IOAA art gallery and coop in downtown, Bloomington."

"I believe having a place to create would be wonderful. To me Art is two fold process and product. The process can be introspective, healing and liberating. The end product is a result of that. People need Art so they can express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions."




Clara- "My favorite genre of art is visual art more specifically painting. The mediums i like to use while painting are water color and oil. My favorite movement of art is Impressionism, like Claude Monet, because of the mixing of realistic sceneries with a more skewed view."

Addy-"My favorite type of art has to be performing arts, but more specifically musicals. I enjoy that musicalscan range from one about an historical event like Hamilton to classic musicals like sound of music. I also like performing in musicals. Although i have a like bit of a stage fright, i like performing musicals with other people and making something that people can watch and enjoy!"


My name is Eileen Backman, and I am 52 years old, and a mother of one nineteen year old boy, and two grown stepsons. My husband and I moved from New York City to Bloomington in 2001, and have loved building our life here. My husband, soul mate, and love of my life, is an attorney in sole practice here in town, and for the past 18 years, I have assisted him as his paralegal and office manager. About 5 and years ago, I became a certified kettlebell instructor, and opened my Just Kettlebells training studio in the basement of our law office where until Covid hit, I ran small group and personal training sessions. I now do a couple of classes a week by Zoom which will have to hold us over until there is a vaccine! When my son left for school in fall of 2019, I filled the gap by renewing my renewing my passion for art. My husband says I am now a little obsessed with art (obsession is in my nature), but I think I am just very passionate. I look forward to growing into the Bloomington art community! | Facebook 


"Art is Soul. I always feel like that. In. My dark days or bright days I turn to my creativity. Out of 350, one of the female landscape photographer in this world. My art let it be a photography or a fluid artist is my expression. It is that process of creating something satisfying appeals me a lot. I forget my sorrows, pains, memory of dark days and go to this wonderful world call an ART."

"As an photographer I love to capture all aspects of Nature - landscapes, flowers, animals, birds. I love to create the metal wall art with my photographs. As an painter, I do acrylic fluid artwork."When you are buying an artwork from me, you are buying more than an object. You are buying 100s of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration, and moments of pure joy. You are not just buying a thing, you are buying piece of my heart, part of my soul, a moment of my life. You are buying my unspoken language and feelings expressed thru this art piece. Most importantly, you are buying me more time to do what I’m passionate about. Art is my soul. Art is part of my life without which I do not know how I’ll handle my life. Art helps me to heal, overcome my pains, the things I’ve lost in my life. Art helps me to connect to inner me, it connects to Mother Nature, it makes me calm and happy.

Photo by Vandana Bajikar  Photo by Vandana Bajikar




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