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Darrell Looney

Dr. Looney began classical violin studies in Middle school where he tried a few stringed instruments, finally settling on the violin. In high school he joined the jazz band and began to perform in bands and ensembles around town. Music took somewhat of a back seat during college and medical school, but after his training he returned to his love of music and performing on the violin. The deeper tones of the viola, cello and bass influenced his choice to use the 5 stringed violin and that remains his preferred choice. Dr. Looney formed a band in New York city called Da Phatfunk Clique in 2000. The band performed shows throughout the five burroughs as well as private events, conferences and festivals. In 2007, the group were finalists in the Capitol Jazz Fest Challenge. Subsequently,  Dr. Looney morphed his band into more of an online collaborative concept, utilizing the talent and experience of other musicians in distant locations, even as far away as South Africa.  To date, Da Phatfunk Clique has released four albums, two performance DVD's and several singles.

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